La curiosità per il mondo e le differenti culture mi hanno sempre spinta a viaggiare. Inizio così il mio percorso lavorativo come Event Planner in Italia e nel resto del mondo...
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Luxury Experience


We portray welcoming you as an art and offer high quality services always tailored to you. When you are looking for an experience, not just any vacation let us help you…

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Consular Visas


Obtaining a Visa for pleasure, study or work can be a major obstacle in reaching your desired destination. There are different categories of visas according to the purpose of…

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Investing in the United States


Transforming an idea into a productive investment is always a complex transaction. We are able to facilitate all the initial passages that are necessary for the realization…

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Translations and Interpreting Services


Qualified, accurately selected mother tongue translators and interpreters, provide their services on a global scale, meeting the needs and satisfying the requests of the client with courtesy and rapidity…

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Language courses


Learning a foreign language may take place through targeted courses.
Learning another language will be an important experience for your growth and will let you…

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