La curiosità per il mondo e le differenti culture mi hanno sempre spinta a viaggiare. Inizio così il mio percorso lavorativo come Event Planner in Italia e nel resto del mondo...
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Translations and Interpreting Services

­Qualified, accurately selected mother tongue translators and interpreters, provide their services on a global scale, meeting the needs and satisfying the requests of the client with courtesy and rapidity. We guarantee the accuracy of the content as well as the maximum attention and confidentiality of the translated materials.
Translations are performed from and into the following foreign languages:
English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many others.
Our translators are specialized in the following fields:


Commercial and financial translations

Banking records, documents relating to insurance, certification reports, prospectuses, securities, business plans, catalogues, business correspondence, press releases having a financial content.

Advertisement translations

Sales catalogues and periodical business magazines, international advertising, slogans and promotional messages, assistance for company’s seminars, labels, informative folders, internet sites.

Literary translations and editing

Literary texts, biographies, press releases, newspaper articles, interviews, press reviews, reportage, cultural guides, journals and magazines, radio and television programs, scripts, motion pictures texts, music texts, theater texts.

Medical translations

Medical and scientific publications, hospitalization reports, medical reports, consent forms, forms for clinical cases reports, materials for conferences, scientific research.

Legal translations

Ownership certificates, certificates of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, foreign patents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, residence certificates, certificates of family composition, divorce certificates and court decisions, notices and legal agreements of any and all kinds, residence and work permits, last wills and testaments, court decisions of any level and resort, (voluntary and compulsory) liquidation, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

Technical translations

Documentations for tenders, technical reports, feasibility studies, specialist studies, bills of quantities, technical specifications.

Tourist translations

Tourist guides and brochures, holiday catalogues, newspapers, magazines, journals, menus.

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