La curiosità per il mondo e le differenti culture mi hanno sempre spinta a viaggiare. Inizio così il mio percorso lavorativo come Event Planner in Italia e nel resto del mondo...
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Obtaining a Visa for pleasure, study or work can be a major obstacle in reaching your desired destination. There are different categories of visas according to the purpose of your travel. Our professional experts deal with different visa applications on a daily basis.
We guide the clients through the procedure relating to the application for immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  We are familiar with the laws and regulations and forms that need to be completed for numerous nationalities and various countries. Our knowledge of the forms and the process will save you time and money. We are the one stop shop for your Visa needs.
Each case will be treated seriously, with professionalism and the utmost care and attention.
We are proud of our reputation and we provide a specialist level of service to all our clients.

In order to travel in tranquility and safely worldwide, we suggest you to enter into an insurance policy with Europe Assistance.



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